Using a VA Loan for Condo Purchase

Learn whether or not a prospective condo is VA-approved.

You may have recently asked yourself, “Can I buy a condo with a VA loan?” You will be happy to learn that service members may use their VA benefit to apply for a VA loan towards the purchase of a condominium as long as the property meets certain qualifying conditions set forth by the VA.

How Do I Know if I Can Buy a Particular Condo With a VA- Guaranteed Loan?

If you are considering a specific condominium to apply your VA Purchase loan toward, you may request a Customized Condo Report from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This allows you to understand whether or not the condo is approved in your area of choice.

Apply for a $0 Down VA Home Loan with NewDay USA

If the condo you are considering is VA-approved, you may apply for a NewDay $0 Down VA Home Loan.

You would be able to enjoy and experience all the benefits that come with VA- guaranteed Home loans:

  • Zero down payment requirements
  • Zero private mortgage insurance (PMI) requirements
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Reusable and lifelong benefits
  • Limitations on closing costs
  • Loan is assumable
  • No prepayment penalty

Call us today at 800-405-4187 if you are interested in buying a condominium that is eligible for a VA loan. NewDay USA would like to help you realize the dream of homeownership.