Certificate of Eligibility Boot Camp

Inform yourself about the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and why it is an important document for lenders.


There are a plethora of documents needed to secure a loan. Whether it is refinancing or buying a new home, the paperwork can be daunting. NewDay USA strives to make the mortgage process as easy and as fast as possible for our borrowers. Securing a VA-guaranteed home loan requires documents just as any other mortgage loan would. One of the documents that is essential to secure a VA-guaranteed loan is the Certificate of Eligibility. So, why is the Certificate of Eligibility so important to the lender?

Why Do I Need a Certificate of Eligibility?

If a veteran or active duty service member wants to buy a home, build a home, or refinance an existing mortgage, and would like to use their VA benefits to do so, they will need a Certificate of Eligibility. A Certificate of Eligibility is vital to the mortgage process as it lets the lender know that the borrower is eligible to use their VA benefits. Borrowers are not able to secure a VA loan without a Certificate of Eligibility. This brings along the question, what exactly is a Certificate of Eligibility?

What is a Certificate of Eligibility?

As briefly stated before, a Certificate of Eligibility enables the lender to ensure the veteran has served in the United States Armed Forces. This document will also tell the lender if the borrower meets the minimum service requirements. Finally, it tells the lender if they’ve used the benefit before. They may meet the service requirements but not have any eligibility left. Service requirements can be found on the Veterans Affairs’ website.

Am I Eligible?

There is a list of eligibility requirements on the website of Veterans Affairs which can be accessed here. To find out, Get Started today!

How Do I Apply?

Service Members, Veterans, and National Guard and Reserve Members can apply via mail, through a lender, and online. Depending on the method of application, it can take up to 6 weeks to receive a Certificate of Eligibility.


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