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The Power of Remembrance

The Power of Remembrance

by Terese Schlachter, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, NewDay USA

On May 19, Captain Charlie Plumb dropped his POW/MIA bracelet onto a white linen covered table, which stands on the marble floor of a busy national mortgage company….

It was a moment that Plumb himself might have called one of “hope and life.”
A few hundred NewDay USA workers looked on as Plumb, Executive Chairman Admiral Thomas Lynch, CEO Rob Posner and about twenty veteran employees solemnly dedicated a “Missing Man Table,” which calls to mind the memory of those lost and unaccounted for in all American wars.
“You know what got Captain Plumb through those six years of imprisonment?” Posner asked the crowd, then answered, “It was his family. It was knowing his family had not forgotten him – was not giving up.”
But how does a Navy fighter pilot, imprisoned, tortured and kept in relative isolation have any idea what’s happening back home?
That story – as Plumb tells it -begins on November 21, 1970 in Son Tay, a small town 23 miles west of Hanoi.