NewDay USA Remembers America’s MIA/POW in Moving Ceremony

Missing Man Table to be Dedicated for Permanent Display

Fulton, MD. - NewDay USA, one of the nation’s leading VA lenders, will commemorate National Military Month by hosting a Missing Man Table ceremony to remember service members lost and held captive overseas. The ceremony will take place at 11:00am, Thursday, May 19, on the third floor of NewDay headquarters in Fulton, Maryland. The traditional table bears a single place setting, a rose, a yellow ribbon, and an overturned glass, all symbolic of the national memory of those unaccounted for, as well as the country’s hope they will be safely returned. Captain Charlie Plumb, who was shot down on May 19, 1967, and was held as a POW six years, will dedicate the display by adding his personal POW/MIA bracelet.

“I am forever grateful to all those who never gave up hope while I was held captive by the North Vietnamese. It’s critical to the POW/MIA families that their loved ones not be forgotten,” says Plumb. “This table will serve as a daily reminder.”

“Our mission at NewDay USA is to provide assistance to America’s veterans,” says Rob Posner, CEO of NewDay USA. “The Missing Man Table is our way of remembering those who served but who we are unable to help. When our employees and their guests pass through the lobby, they’ll be reminded in a meaningful way, of the sacrifices of our service members and their families continue to make for this country.”

The ceremony will also feature NewDay’s Executive Chairman, Admiral Thomas C. Lynch, as well as the senior enlisted service members (retired) from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, who are new faculty members of the company’s “Character Driven Leadership” program.

“The table is powerful,” remarked Lynch. “We’ve always worked hard to be sure we reach out to the veteran population but the table will help to keep our core values and mission constantly in the forefront of our minds. It’s an important addition to our physical, mental and emotional infrastructure.”

To learn more about the Missing Man Table, please view a short video here