NewDay Takes a Shine to its New Partner

Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training is NewDay’s Latest Hotspot for Helping.

Baltimore, MD – Washing, rinsing, cleaning, vacuuming and wiping down cars, from the inside out, was all part of NewDay USA’s most recent volunteer effort on behalf of local veterans.

Each week, the men of “MCVET,” a Baltimore based education, training and rehabilitation center for veterans, run a car wash to raise money to fund their programs. Last weekend, more than a dozen NewDay employees put a little extra elbow grease into the effort. They raised over $1000.00

The car wash has become a community favorite since it began in 1993. A steady stream of customers provided plenty of work for the first class detailers.

Housed in a 100k square foot facility in Baltimore, MCVET serves over 250 people per day through its various programs and has served over 10,000 men and women during its 21 years of existence. More than 7,000 MCVET students have graduated from the program with full time jobs.