Pooja Bansal, SVP of Human Resources and Communications | NewDay USA Leadership
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SVP of Human Resources and Communications

Pooja Bansal



Pooja Bansal is the SVP of Human Resources and Communication, responsible for overseeing the human resources and internal and external communication while focusing on the areas of employee engagement and customer experience strategy. Prior to joining NewDay USA, she held a role of Assistant Vice President at Barclays US focusing on credit card business. In that role, she advised the service priorities and service risks to the business and service consumers in the areas of Fraud Strategy and Operations. In addition, Pooja supported the continuous service improvement actions using best practices and frameworks for the better management of business risks and service disruptions. Before joining Barclays, she worked as a Technology Consultant at SEI Investment Company for over seven years. During her tenure at SEI, Pooja served as an active member of SEI women’s network, where she ran several initiatives to promote women into technology and leadership roles and organizes various knowledge enrichment programs. Pooja has a B.Tech in Information Technology from Kurukshetra University, India and recently finished her M.B.A. from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. As a part of NewDay’s senior leadership, she will be playing a key role in developing programs and systems for the rapid hiring, selection and development of new and existing team members.