What are VA Loan Limits and How are They Calculated?

Learn more about the advantages of your VA Home Loan Entitlement and how it is calculated.

What are VA Loan Limits?

VA loan limits, set by the VA, may change year over year or remain unchanged for many years. For instance, the VA loan limit in 2018 was $453,100 but then increased to $484,350 in 2019.

The term, “loan limit”, may mislead borrowers into thinking that there is a cap or “limit” set by the VA on how much they can borrow when financing a home. However, there is no maximum set loan amount. Rather, these loan limits represent the maximum loan amount (loan entitlement) for the lender to get the full VA guaranty. Anything higher, the VA will only partially guaranty the loan – which subsequently is why lenders require a down payment. Learn more about VA loan limits here!

When is a Down Payment Required?

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